Future Samsung Phones Will Feature Notches

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Future Samsung Phones Will Feature Notches

Samsung has been one of the last few companies to hold out on the notch trend, but it might be getting ready to give up on this now. At its ongoing developer conference (SDC 2018), Samsung showed off three different notch designs that could find their way in its phones in the future.

Viewing these designs from the left to the right, we have Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O.

These are the display brands, which will incorporate the notches. As you would have guessed from the picture above, all 3 are mainly shaped like those letters that are used in naming them. The duo of U and V are conventional notches, though on the small side when they are compared with the offerings of their competitors. On the other hand, O appears to be a cut-out of the screen display that contains the front-facing selfie camera.

Samsung is set to enter the ranks of a number of phone makers that have joined the fray concerning featuring the notches in mobile devices.

New Infinity has the look of the notch-less bezel-less display panel that everyone has been anticipating. It is very likely that future flagship phones will bring this design, while the others will only be featured on mid-range phones. While these musings are in the realm of speculations, what is certain is that the reign of Samsung phones and tablets without notched displays is at its twilight.

Yesterday, the company also announced its upcoming foldable phone as it hits the gas on regaining edge with arch-rival Apple. According to Justin Denison, senior vice president of mobile marketing at Samsung, the device can transform from a tablet when fully opened into a phone when closed.

Scheduled for mass production in the coming months, it will feature the innovative Infinity Flex Display technology, which allows you open and close this mobile device over and over, devoid of any form of degradation.

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