Amazing!HMD Global acquires Nokia’s ‘PureView’ trademark from Microsoft

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Amazing!HMD Global acquires Nokia’s ‘PureView’ trademark from Microsoft

Amazing!HMD Global acquires Nokia’s ‘PureView’ trademark from Microsoft

We all know very well that after several years of confusion and uncertainty, Nokia smartphones have found their home under the umbrella of HMD Global. However, now according to the latest reports, the HMD Global just acquired the Finnish company Nokia’s well-known PureView brand from the tech giant Microsoft.

Notably, the PureView name first made its debut with Nokia 808 PureView, the last Symbian OS powered Nokia handset that was launched in 2012. The phone featured a 41MP rear camera and a 3MP front camera. Nokia Lumia 1020 came later that year with PureView branding and Windows OS. The phone had a 41MP Zeiss lens at the back and a Xenon flash as well.


With PureView trademark now acquired by HMD Global, it remains to be seen whether the Finnish company has any plans to bring interesting imaging technology and better camera quality in ‘future’ Nokia smartphones. The PureView trademark details are listed on HMD Global’s EQUIPO (European Union’s Intellectual Property Office) page. The PureView trademark was officially transferred to HMD Global on August 23.

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While PureView brand smartphones delivered outstanding output half a decade ago, Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 still holds a strong record of carrying the highest resolution sensor. The Nokia Lumia 950 was the last handset that incorporated PureView technology. With HMD Global trying to play off Nokia nostalgia bringing the classic Nokia 3310, perhaps the company might bring a premium handset with PureView technology.

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