Download Armed Heist Apk Mod for Android Latest Version

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Download Armed Heist Apk Mod for Android Latest Version

We love third-person shooting games, no doubts this. We’re acquainted with fans favourites like GTA wherever you’ll do a great deal of highjack and commit murders while not prejudice (PLEASE DON’T attempt IT AT HOME). Armed Heist is kind of totally different as a result of you are doing not need to hurt the innocent civilians. Your targets square measure enforcement agents. those that assume they’re God’s gift to earth.
Armed Heist is a web game and it absolutely was developed by Sozap. it absolutely was 1st created accessible on IOS however it’s finally return to mechanical man. no matter you would like to understand to confirm sleek gameplay are explained during this article.

Features of Armed Heist Apk Mod

The mission of the game is simple: Rob and get away with it! Players need to go into a place, collect all the loot available and make it out of the scene with their vehicles ALIVE. Each player is armed with various weapons to aid and ease your mission.

There are various obstacles; many of whom are law enforcement agents.  Kill each armed force you encounter and you’re one step closer to safety. All you have to do is rob banks and shoot obstacles. Successful missions will guarantee you climbing the leaderboard.

You can upgrade weapons as the going gets tougher. These upgrades will ease your missions.

Weapons and How to Purchase or Upgrade Them

There are various weapons that can be purchased in the game. The game employs the use of a loot box system. With this system, a player has to earn and collect weapons and their accessories. They can also be purchased and upgraded using the money. Heist has two currencies used in the game. The first one is a diamond that enables a player to gain access to the loot boxes. The second currency is cash which can be used to purchase and upgrade various types of weapons.

Note that the game is played online so unlimited money. Therefore, Unlimited money cannot be applicable to ensure fairness on the leaderboard.

Armed Heist Apk Mod Game Information

  • Version: 2018 Mod
  • Game Size: 857.1 MB
  • Mode: Online
  • Google Play Link: here
  • Version: 1.1.11

Armed Heist Apk Mod Requirements

  • At least 1GB RAM.

How to Download and Install Heist Apk Mod

  • Download Heist Apk Mod and data here
  • It will come in ‘RAR’ form so you have to extract it. You can use your file manager to do this.
  • Enable Installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” on your phone if you have not done it before.
  • Install the downloaded Apk.
  • Move data to Android>data>obb.
  • Launch your installed Heist Apk Mod and enjoy the game.
  • You need to be connected to the internet before you can play the game.

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