How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Your PC

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How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Your PC

How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Your PC


Time to get all your gmail notification straight to your desktop with the method that we are discussing here. With this trick you can easily get all your Gmail notification directly on your desktop

We frequently get lots of valuable emails in our email account and while working on PC must get fade up opening your account, again and again, to examine the arrived emails in your account. And that is why we have a dependable solution for this, what about receiving all the notification right on your desktop.


It is going to protect your lots of data and time too. And whenever any mail or any notification appeared at your email account your desktop will display the notification and will alert for you. So have a look on complete method discussed below to proceed.

How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Your PC

The method that we are discussing right here is very uncomplicated and is the inbuilt feature of Gmail that most of the user had never tried yet. But today they will as it will be going to save your internet data and your lots of time that you waste while opening your account again and again to check the emails. Follow some simple steps below to proceed.


Steps To Setup Gmail for Getting All Your Notifications On Your PC:

Step 1. First of all, in your PC launch the google chrome and then visit your Gmail account.


Step 2. Now there click on the gear icon and then choose Settings.


Step 3. Firstly you need to enable the New mail notifications on and then after you need to to tick on the option Click here to enable notifications for Gmail.


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Step 4. Now in your google chrome, you will see a message asking you to allow the Gmail desktop notification simply click on allow button. With this, your Gmail account can directly send the notification to your google chrome.


That’s it! You are done, now all your email notification will immediately appear on your google chrome that you can easily see and then open your account to check out the things happened in your account.


In one of our previous post, we discussed How To Schedule Emails In Gmail. You can use this method to schedule any important emails in your Gmail account and with that, you can really help you a lot in your important works that depend on your emails. So must use out this, cool trick.

So foregoing is all about Get Your Gmail Notifications On Your PC. With this method, you can easily get all your Gmail account notification directly to your PC desktop with your google chrome browser and this will be saving your lots of time and internet data that you waste opening your account again and again to check the emails. Hope you like this cool solution, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you still have any related queries with this


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