The first Sea of Thieves client update is a 19.53GB download

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In a developer update posted today, Rare discussed Sea of Thieves\’ launch troubles—difficulty connecting and delays receiving in-game rewards top among them—and what they\’ve done so far on the server-side to correct them. The latest set of fixes, however, come by way of a massive client update which constitutes a full redownload of the game: 19.53GB on PC.

The size of the update is a trade-off, says executive producer Joe Neate—it was get these fixes out now, or wait until the patch could be made smaller. “Our ideal scenario was that we got that patchwork done and we released a smaller patch, but we\’ve made the decision to get that full game update [out there] because of all the fixes it\’s got which is going to improve the experience for everyone,” he said, “but it is a full game size update … you\’re going to be downloading the client again.”

Note that just because it\’s a big download doesn\’t mean this is a content update. The new client includes bug and performance fixes—you can read the patch notes here—while updates which add to Sea of Thieves\’ pirating framework are coming down the line.

“I think we want to use a separate update to really talk to that [player feedback],” said Neate. “Like, what are the top feedback points, what\’s our view of them, and what kind of steps are we going to be taking … we have a plan, we have a roadmap, but then when you get this wealth of data and information and feedback from your players it really starts impacting kind of, \’OK, what actually do we want to go and tackle next?\’ So we\’re right in the middle of those conversations.”

“We are listening,” said studio head Craig Duncan, “We\’re seven days in, so we\’re still very much absorbing that [feedback], and we\’ll try to get back in front of you guys in a video where we talk about some of that stuff, most likely \’top issues and sentiments\’ version, rather than—because these are bugs and service scale issues.”

Once the client and servers are working together with minimal bugginess, then, we should expect to hear about how Rare plans to build on Sea of Thieves. The next client update will also be “much smaller” in size, says Rare, reiterating in the release notes that the priority here was to get the update out as soon as possible, regardless of size.

Client release 1.0.1 is available now. Because the Microsoft Store is bad, it didn\’t notify me that an update was available, and running Sea of Thieves without downloading the new version returns a \’version mismatch\’ error when connecting. To force Sea of Thieves to update, navigate to \’Downloads and Updates\’ in the Microsoft Store client and click \’Get Updates.\’

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